I'm Niclas Hedam!

I'm a software engineer, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm studying Software Development at the IT-University of Copenhagen at the moment. My work-related focus is currently on Hostly and Pendler - both are platforms written in PHP.

About me

I'm interested in computer science, and especially elements such as security, privacy, infrastructure and performance.

I love to teach and share knowledge. For that reason, I'm sharing knowledge and thoughts on Medium. I love doing lectures and I love discussing societal and technological issues.

I'm a big fan of net neutrality and privacy-minded services. For that same reason, I like to incorporate "Privacy by design" in my own projects, such that my users can feel secure. I try to avoid using advertisements to fund my work -- instead, I rely on donations and pays.

I like doing open source. I believe that the perfect project is based on a foundation of open source code to heighten both security and performance.

Niclas Hedam

Niclas Hedam

Software Engineer
If you would like to support me in my work, my bitcoin address is: 1BCQy7GLZKbeyA7wgXsFfasV5FB96A9DEW Signed proof

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